Death Cranes And Construction: A City-Wide Problem Not Recognized By The Mayor

Posted on Water Construction News March 24, 2016 by Enolgas USA

On Friday the 5th of February a crane was being lowered on Hudson Street and tragically it collapsed, which led to the death of David Wichs, a 38 year old. Additionally, the collapse damaged gas pipes, water mains, cars and buildings. Thousands of people had their lives disrupted due to evacuated buildings and closed streets. […]

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A Game Changing $300 Million Water Security Proposal From Obama

Posted on Water Safety February 10, 2016 by Enolgas USA

The autonomous vehicle plan and oil tax are attracting the majority of the attention, but the $300 million proposal for securing clean water to all Americans should not be overlooked. Here are the details of the proposal: Real time usage data: no centralized monitoring of water usage has been a problem. There have also never […]

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Flood Preparation And Protection Tips For Businesses

Posted on Water Efficiency January 22, 2016 by Enolgas USA

An unfortunate flooding event can cripple the commercial real estate of a business beyond repair. However, with a few simple tips the right preparations can be made to avoid disastrous flooding problems down the line. First of all you have to understand the flooding hazard from the following angles: Water condition: the majority of flood […]

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