Prevent Hurricane Season Flooding

Posted on Water Safety October 20, 2017 by Henry Nigel

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From June through November, hurricanes wreak havoc on homes throughout the country. These massive storms start in the south Atlantic and Caribbean and gain momentum as they approach Florida, the Gulf states, and up the east coast. While rain and wind are two of the defining factors of a hurricane that threaten your home, flooding is also a huge risk. Before a hurricane destroys your home, follow these tips to prevent flooding.

Build Flood Barriers

Depending on the height of your building and its clearance off the ground, you may want to think about installing flood barriers. Some of these fixtures are permanent, while others you can assemble in just a few hours. Flood skirts are one of the most popular permanent barriers. These fit around a home and deploy with the touch of a button, providing protection from floods without looking unsightly. If you don’t have permanent barriers, you can strategically place sandbags to prevent the floodwaters from rushing into your home.

Repair Your Foundation

Damage to your home’s foundation can degrade its structural integrity, which can cause your home to take on water during a flood. Water can permeate the foundation through even the tiniest cracks. Depending on the severity or number of cracks, you can either hire a professional to fix the cracks, or you can patch the cracks yourself. Patching the cracks on your own is less costly than hiring someone, but it might require a higher level of expertise. If the cracks aren’t repaired properly, water can still enter and cause lasting effects. The sooner you correct the cracks, the less severe the damage can get from flooding.

Install Gate Valves or Backflow Valves

During hurricane flooding, your sewer system can also back up. This is the worst possible scenario—not only do you have water in your home, but bacteria and fecal matter can create unsanitary conditions. Cleaning and repairs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A superb solution to the sewer problem is to install gate valves or backflow valves. These act as a water security system, which prevents backups and keeps your home safe and clean.

Clean Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters clear is one of the most effective ways of preventing flood damage in your home. Gutters direct rainwater off the roof and to the ground away from the house’s foundation, which prevents buildup on the shingles and plywood that make up the roof. When hurricanes pour excessive rain on your home, this exacerbates the problem. Make certain to clear all the debris, twigs, and leaves out of your gutter prior to hurricanes to prevent damage.

Keeping your home safe from hurricane flooding isn’t always foolproof, but the more you know and the more cautious you are, the better chance you have to protect your investment. For an added layer of protection, keep up-to-date with the latest technology and water security systems at the Enolgas USA blog. With everything you learn, you can keep flooding damage to a minimum and have peace of mind. You can’t put a price on that.

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