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Prevent Hurricane Season Flooding

Posted on Water Safety October 20, 2017 by Henry Nigel

  From June through November, hurricanes wreak havoc on homes throughout the country. These massive storms start in the south Atlantic and Caribbean and gain momentum as they approach Florida, the Gulf states, and up the east coast. While rain and wind are two of the defining factors of a hurricane that threaten your home, […]

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Water Safety During a Hurricane

Posted on Actuated Valves, Water Safety September 6, 2017 by Enolgas USA

We’re in the thick of hurricane season, and with hurricanes, you get catastrophic flooding. Hurricane Harvey (and Katrina before that) are examples of the type of flooding that can happen during a powerful storm. We specialize in creating high-quality actuated valves. When there’s flooding, our actuated valves will allow you take the excess water and […]

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