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In case you miss 2019 AHR EXPO, don’t miss Enolgas USA new products!

Posted on Actuated Valves, Energy Efficiency February 6, 2019 by Vittorio Bonomi

The most compact six-way zone valve in the HVAC industry with QM (Quick Mounting) assembly between the valve and the actuator, and directly connect to the flexible hoses. The six-way zone valve allows you to manage the supply to a single user from two different sources of thermal energy, or to easily manage 4-pipe systems […]

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Posted on Actuated Valves, international water, international water news, Water Construction News, Water Efficiency, Water Safety March 3, 2018 by Vittorio Bonomi

Ever wondered who is legally responsible for the cost of clean-up and repair of damage caused by water leaks in a condominium building? Sometimes it is the association’s responsibility, sometimes it is the owner’s responsibility and sometimes it is either or both of these parties insurance companies less deductibles but here are some tips to […]

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Flow Simulations

Posted on Actuated Valves February 12, 2018 by Vittorio Bonomi

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the calculations required to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces defined by boundary conditions. With high-speed supercomputers, better solutions can be […]

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